Carried out by other users on the generic topic of SEO. Suggestions are offered by Google with the aim of facilitating search activity, providing advice on what else users are looking for. In the suggestions you may find: Secondary keywords Variations on the main keyword Related keys All this helps those who have to write content on “SEO”, or on any other keyword , to get an idea of ​​the topics of interest to users and the semantic field in which they are moving. Google suggestions are very important because they allow you to decipher search intent and read people’s minds. In fact, these clues allow you to create very powerful content, capable of climbing the SERPs and making you loved by those who read you. Do you want to know how.

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How works Anyone can use ! It is Indonesia Phone Number Data actually a very simple tool and you too can get the best out of using it. Everything you need is already present on the main page of the service. As you can see in the image below, this is the operational screen you find when entering the site, complete with instructions on how to fill it in: SEO research Once you have indicated the keyword , the source and the language, all you have to do is click on “Look Up” to start the tool’s search. Further down, all the results found by the tool will appear.

Shows you the search volume

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The cost per click on and the level of Canada WhatsApp Number List competition for the key you are interested in. How it works For the “SEO” key the tool found as many as 685 keywords . And each of them could be interesting for the construction of your articles. But an even juicier feature is given by the possibility of exporting the results in . CSV format.  As you can see, there aren’t many functions, but they are all very useful. But wait a minute, did I mention that the tool is totally free.

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