If you see them messy, long, full of conjunctions and without important and descriptive keywords , you will know that there is something wrong and you need to change them to ferry your site towards excellent SEO results. But don’t worry, if you don’t feel capable of yelling properly on your own, give me a nod and we’ll talk about it ok?. Happy !of sitemaps. Take a look  Do you remember when you were in elementary or middle school? I’m sure that in that period you too had an ugly and bad teacher who you never wanted to see walk through the classroom door every single day. Alright, I can already imagine what you’re thinking.

Sometimes I feel like I’m wearing that professor’s shoes,

So much so that even today I’m Japan Phone Number Data tackling a fairly technical and somewhat difficult SEO topic, but central if you really intend to increase visits to the site : the sitemap . However, if you follow my blog and know me as an SEO expert , you will know that it is no coincidence that I continue to sand down the attributes of my readers with themes of this type. Take a look  Very often it is small precautions such as a good sitemap that make the difference between a site positioned on the 750th page and one that dominates the SERPs

Indexing a site correctly is in fact the first step to guaranteeing organic visibility

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Sitemap seo optimization Italy WhatsApp Number List In this article. The sitemap, a real SEO necessity The XML sitemap: what is it? The HTML sitemap, in short How to create your sitemap What role does the sitemap play in SEO. The sitemap, a real SEO necessity The sitemap can be defined as a simple “guide” containing information and details on the web pages present on a site. Search engines scan the sitemap in order to identify all possible information . Relating to the queries typed (or dictated) by users. Take a look  The pages of the site are not randomly arranged . Within this sort of guide or list, but respond to a precise hierarchical order

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