I’m not saying that bots have difficulty crawling or indexing pages with this type of address, but for SEO reasons it is always better to prefer – if possible – static URLs, rather than dynamic ones.  The solution? Use Canonical URLs . Sometimes dynamic  Here are some practical ways to use canonical URLs . Dynamic content: if you want the URL of my example This is another technique that allows you to avoid penalties for duplicate content.

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In fact, it may happen that Italy Phone Number Data the search engine interprets the IP and the site as two different sites with the same content . Do you want to understand more about canonicalization of your URLs? Read more: Canonical URL, what it is and why you can’t do without it from an SEO perspective. Sometimes dynamic How to submit your new URLs to Google using the new Search Console So you have optimized your URL and now you would like to send it to Google so that it can insert it into the index as soon as possible, right? Well, not everyone knows that when we publish content it can take several days before Google uses its crawler to identify it.

Google of the presence of new pages on our site

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Most people just wait but in Indonesia WhatsApp Number List reality it doesn’t take long to notify . In my opinion, sending new URLs to Google is something that should be done . Every time we publish new content, the reasons for this statement of mine are mainly three.  The page is indexed in less time. By reporting new content, crawling is better calibrated based on real publication times. Sometimes dynamic  By being indexed first, the pages are positioned first, thus increasing the chances of bringing in new traffic. To report new URLs all you have to do is go to the search console and.  Enter the address in the bar at the top and then press enter.

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