Create a structure capable of hosting content over time without collapsing.  One of the biggest challenges when it comes to URLs is giving them a structure that always works, even after a long time has passed. A good level of URL optimization prevents conflicting paths from being created that reach the same products. This would be unpleasant for your visitors , but also for Google as it would receive . Confusing signals about how to categorize your product offering. An example, keeping to the topic of mattresses could be .The first example flows logically and hierarchically from the domain to the category and then from the sub-category to the product.

The second example goes from domain to product

What is the ideal situation Israel Phone Number Data in your opinion. For Google and for SEO the ideal is the first example because it is specific, tidy and well organized and coincidentally.  This is also the solution preferred by users. Avoid superfluous words and . SEO friendly in the  characters A golden rule is to make sure that users understand what your page is about, starting from the . URL but this does not mean that it is necessary to include every single preposition and conjunction in the URL . Articles like “the” or the conjunction “and” can be considered simple distractions and can be skipped right away.

The user is perfectly capable of knowing what the page

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About even without these words and Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List the same goes for Google bots . It would also be wise not to . Overdo repeat search keywords within your URL . On the contrary, the only result would be the creation of and disorderly URLs and improvements in ranking are certainly not achieved in this way! Minimize the use of Dynamic URLs In this case a.  SEO friendly in the  lot depends on the content management system you use. For example, some e-commerce sites generate automatic URLs full of   . Characters and numbers, violating all the rules stated previously. This occurs when you are faced with a situation similar to this as . Reported in the paragraphs above – which reflect the logical structure of which  . The site is made up and which are developed from descriptive.

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