Sums are basic issues usually discuss during the negotiation phase and we will not discuss them in detail here. Let’s discuss in detail the two key phases of performance analysis – selecting metrics and setting up the analysis. Also read: Training: Who nes it and where to learn it. Key Metrics for Assessing Effectiveness Social networks collect vast amounts of data about the communities themselves their subscribers and how audiences react to content. In addition to the built-in statistical indicators there are additionally calculat important indicators.

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For convenience we have divid them into Turkey Phone Number List groups. Audience Here is information about the size of the community’s audience and how it has chang: Subscribers – The total number of community members at the end of the period. is the percentage of subscribers who respond to content. Subscriptions – How many new subscribers join the group during this period. unsubscrib from the community during this period. Period Subscriber Growth – How much the number of subscribers increas during the period. Subscriber cost is how much a participant spends on an item. This metric is often associat with target advertising. organic promotion and your posts bring in new subscribers you can also track costs. Calculate the budget for a post and divide by the number of subscribers for that post.

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More precisely not only the money to create a AFB Directory post but also all the costs of maintaining a community should be taken into account. How these metrics look in reports How these metrics look in the report Coverage In this group we collect metrics on the number of audiences viewing your community and its posts. There are many types of reach and different social networks consider and interpret them differently for which there are detail guidelines. Here’s a high-level explanation of the metrics: Total Community Reach – The total number of unique users who have seen community content anywhere in fe on group pages in ads on friend pages etc Views – The number of times the group’s content has been view by users of.

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