The article If you already know how and what to analyze and want to implement powerful and practical tools for your analysis check out our free course for experts and analysts. In it you’ll learn how to use and assemble your first promotional dashboard from scratch. Analysis Promotional analysis is the study of statistics and data interpretation. It answers two main questions: What is the outcome of the current strategy and how profitable is it for the business What nes to be done to improve these results In order to conduct high-quality analysis.

Step-by-Step Promotional Effectiveness

We ne access to process and visualiz data and Thailand Phone Number List understand which results are useful and beneficial to the business. For analysis to be valid to draw  to get real answers to questions you ne to: Develop promotional objectives. This should be clarifi with the client follow by your understanding and discussion. So you must be sure that you understand each other correctly. Agree on РKey Performance Indicators. They depend on the goal.  from a social network it could be a community post from that traffic channel or an application on a website. Select metrics for analysis. This list is form bas on but not limit to. For example it is also useful to monitor and control the metrics that you rely on.

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Correct conclusions and ultimately

Fix the current value of the indicator. We will rely on them to assess dynamics and progress. Set up analysis and data collection. This should be done before the promotion starts. Choose the right analytics service and choose a dashboard template or create your own. It is worth immiately collecting data from social networks and other sources if necessary. Pulling data from web analytics and systems can be useful if conversions occur on the website and sales AFB Directory can be track. Don’t forget to tag so you can track conversions of your social network traffic in detail. This step is enough for you to start working with a ready-made report customiz for your specific project. With it not only can you analyze the promotion effect once a week or a month but you can also quickly monitor the daily effect which becomes easier and more convenient.

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