Build the React Native apps with The tool gives your native components. With this, you can easily develop your own native components without the need to eject your application. Step of How to create an Android App: Reduce the output size Once you have successfully installed React you need to reduce the output size. Make sure that your users don’t wait long to install your mobile app. Otherwise, it will result in losing their interest.

You can simply reduce the output

Size by making a few changes in the variables. Step of How to create an Android App: Add linting to your React Native app As you write Javascript like React, make sure that you haven’t made any errors that Philippines Phone Number Data might turn into an issue to build React Native apps. We would recommend you to add ESlint that can be directly plugged into your project and editor. The plugins provide you with a view of errors or mistakes.

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Not only this but many of the issues

Fixed automatically with the ESLint Fix package. Step of How to create an Android App: Pull your React Native App Together After following the above steps you must add various custom components to USA Phone Number List the mobile app. These Android app components may include: Adding custom fonts Adjusting your app screen size Making your app more colorful Connecting buttons and telling them to perform a function Update your React Native Display Calculating prime factors Finally, it’s time to generate a release APK using the Android platform.

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