You need to set up the Android In order to production environment. You need to make sure that you have created the right Android environment to create the React Native app. It requires some arrangements that you need to install for Android which includes the installation of Android SDK and Android Studio. After configuring these into your setup, you also need to download some APIs as well. Step of How to create an Android App: Install the JDK Regardless of any type of tool you are using to build the React Native apps, you need to install the Java Development Kit. The downloading and configuring depends on the type of machine and platform you are using.

For instance SDKMAN or Oracle’s Java

SDK might work for you to download other choices like OpenJDK. Step of How to create an Android App: Add React Native Command Line Interface To learn the steps of how to create an app for Android Mexico Phone Number Data using React Native you need to install React. To start with the process to create React Native apps, firstly, we need to install React Native. In most cases, we have ways to get started (to create React Native app without a toolchain or build React Native apps from CLI.

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The basic difference between these

Two includes deciding whether you want to create React Native app with expo or not. Expo-CLI is a popular tool to download the React Native boilerplate for your development. The command-line tool UK Phone Number List offers an excellent way to build React Native apps for beginners. This tool provides you with a variety of choices to test your mobile application. The react-native CLI tool offers the same work but with some extra benefits and a different approach.

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