Free and create a new account. To do this, go to the Microsoft Account website and follow the instructions there. Facebook page : Unlike the Facebook profile used for people, the page is the place dedicated to companies and organizations. It’s a bit like your company’s virtual showcase where people interested in your brand, namely your community, come together. You can present your company, your offer and communicate with your community.

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Creating a business page on Facebook means ensuring a presence and visibility on the Internet. Facebook group : Facebook groups allow you to bring together a community around the same center of interest. The exchange is at the heart database of the group, which puts the community in the front line unlike the pages. Facebook groups can be more or less confidential depending on their status (public, closed or secret). The creation and use of Facebook groups are generally made at the initiative of users, not brands. However, they could find a major interest in it. What if Facebook groups allowed you to communicate more with a more qualified community.


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Why shouldn’t Facebook groups be underestimated? A dedicated place to bring together a qualified community The more restricted¬† framework AFB Directory of Facebook groups makes it possible to unite people who are really interested in your brand, your early fans and your loyal customers. Thus, Facebook groups bring together aficionados, those who are the most influential and who bring real added value to your business. They are also the ones who will be the least difficult to convince.

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