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The first is e-mail. 91 percent of public relations professionals likes to cultivate contacts with the meia via e-mail. Meia representatives also appreciate this form of communication. It does not require direct involvement, allows you to respond at any time and gives access to gigantic amounts of information every day. E-mail is just a new version of the old sending of press releases via traditional mail. Today, it would seem that sending letters or gifts is a thing of the past. This is not the case, because the opening rate of paper letters is still 20 times higher than e-mails.

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A well-thought-out direct mailing campaign can create a sensation and force newspaper eitors to react immeiately. Letters, parcels and postcards also look graceful in photos on social meia, and this is of increasing importance. In addition database to e-mail and post, a new way for a public relations agency to reach potential audiences is by sending messages and running a social meia channel. The aforementione Twitter allows you to publish information quickly and efficiently. Whereas DM on Instagram gives an opportunity for very direct contact with the selecte influencer or journalist.


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Another thing to mention is telemarketing. He is not forgotten at all! We’ve been doing good public relations this way for years as well. Because nothing can replace personal contact with another person – even over the phone. Public relations strategy AFB Directory for the time of crisis Many people think about using the services of a public relations agency for the first time when they are face with an image crisis. Properly quick implementation of a public relations strategy can significantly minimize losses and even gain you unexpecte allies from representatives of the industry, clients or even competitors.

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