Eitor’s note: You may have misse this article when CMI publishe it last year. We’re publishing this update because blogging continues to be one of the tactics that content marketers consider most important to success. Although it requires a lot of work. blogging is often considere one of the most. How to win the battle of ineffective blogging.  Basic entry points into the content marketing game. Blogging is a versatile technique with many creative possibilities. options. and approaches. Still. it does not require much technical expertise or equipment to manufacture and maintain. 


Blogging is also a powerful way to build an

Audience for your brand and keep them engage over time. This is what every content endeavor should strive Special Database to achieve. Not to mention. blog posts can easily be adapte for use in social meia and email newsletters. so they can help boost other content marketing channels. blog chart These include 80 of B2B marketers in the 2017 Benchmarks. Budgets. and Trends study to include blogging as part of their content programs. and other sectors (such as B2C and nonprofits) report similarly high usage rates. These are just some of the reasons why. According to our research. blogging is consistently 


One of the top tactics that

Users consider most important to content marketing success. 80 of B2B marketers include blogging as part of their content AFB Directory program via cmicontent. researchClick to tweet Still. given how powerful a role blogs can play in achieving key content marketing goals such as engagement. lead generation. and subscribe audiences. it’s no surprise that people who use blogs and blogs are at the top of the list. It’s surprising that there is such a gap between users ranking it as a factor. of success. What’s stopping businesses from getting more profit from their blogging efforts First. the B2B survey found that more than half (59) of content marketers may lack a clear idea of what content marketing success looks like for their organization. It may seem backwards. but many companies start blogging before 


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