Why is this a myth . Very often Instaprofiles are killed by giveaways and their reach is less than . Why doesn’t the rule work in this case? . Where did the figure come from? Did Kevin Systrom tell her after he was fired? . Reach it’s different. Very different. Even on a “conditionally single sample” of your subscribers. If you are careful when analyzing the engagement statistics of your next post, then at the start, in the first hour, your post will gain about of the total number of reactions, while the coverage will be far from such a proportion. And what does this say? Instagram shows your post first to the most engaged audience.

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What is the meaning of the rule? ERR with each next thousand coverage will fall. . An algorithm that takes into account not only reactions to content, but also how often each user UK Phone Number List enters the feed, how much they scroll, how they consume content, and so on so, can this algorithm be fooled by the fact that beauty salons and flowers with home delivery will come in the first minutes usually so much? and furiously like save a new post? Hera there. The coverage of the post could indeed be greater. And the secret is very simple.

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To do this, it is enough to save this post, because in the next I will reveal it. Subscribe to quality articles about SMM in Telegram If there is another crap in this world AFB Directory that makes the “guru in disguise” a zero specialist, then I have not heard of it. ⠀ Liketimes are totally useless and wretched luring reactions from the audience. ⠀ “Oh, let’s like my past posts, and other people will like you, and we will all go to toptoptop together, and to the recommended one at the same time.” ⠀ Nonsense, crap and naedalovo. Useless activity aimed solely at creating an imaginary appearance.

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