We throw here the moderation of all this joy, the burnout of the creative team, which squeezes out so much content every month on one topic, and the budget for promoting posts communities, otherwise we spend insane amounts of money on content, but no one sees them. ⠀ Here is an SMM for thousand a month. ⠀ I take a different approach, the third stage start from the audience with which we work. In the vast majority of strategies, there is no focus on audiences on different sites. Well, it’s very rare, or the difference in target audience is not obvious.

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Why inflate the estimate in vain if you can duplicate content by with adaptation to social networks without loss at all, and make the remaining of content for unique post formats that Australia Phone Number List exist on each of the platforms. For example ​​posts, D posts, polls and so on. ⠀ The content is richer, more “casebased”, more creative, and there is time for experiments and nonstandard activities. ⠀ In addition, this approach causes the normalization of the nervous system of the project team, optimization of the budget and smiles of customers, and the implementation of KPIs and tasks with less labor. ⠀ PS Of course, if you also need to promote Odnoklassniki and Twitter, then crossposting is unlikely to help.

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Although you can add posts about aliens, Putin and “put a class if you love Mom.” Such content will equally go to OK Subscribe to quality articles about SMM in Telegram There is AFB Directory an important change to the Instagram logic in the new camera interface. Throughout its history, Instagram has been a platform where you come and take all the cards in your hands, but no one was in a hurry to suggest what content to make and publish. ⠀ Facebook dabbled in this, coming up with a thousand and one reasons to publish a post, but Instagram has always been aloof from this. ⠀

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