As a person’s life changes monumentally from year to year. So does the character of a company evolve and expand over time. In 2023, with the arrival of Chat GPT and generative. AI came the necessity to understand how to maximize AI for a more efficient workplace. Mobile has envisioned this new technology alongside our brand vision to help individuals and businesses from around. The world increase productivity and create space for innovation. This year, our applications have been utilized by scaling businesses and individuals alike. To produce exciting new inventions. Although we hold true to our roots. We simultaneously reach upward to be leaders in the tech space. We are pleased to announce that Finance. Times has recognized us as the foremost IT and software company in Taiwan among the prestigious. Top 500 High-Growth Asia-Pacific Companies this year.

Upward Evolution and Expansion

Furthermore, we have achieved a significant milestone by obtaining the. ISO 27001 certification for our Information Security Management System. In October, we launched Office, our holistic desktop software suite which provides comprehensive and Country Email List reliable document creation and management solutions. The solution helps professionals globally to save time through increased productivity and meet their workflow goals. In addition to launching Office, we released a data-driven marketing solution that has been years in the works, “ADNEX.” Leveraging our team’s expertise in data intelligence, ADNEX is Mobile’s new sector. Which uses data-driven marketing analysis to help companies scale digitally. Finally, our global teams have experienced positive momentum in the past 12 months. Starting with successfully establishing the Japan office in Tokyo.

Making Sustainable Investments

Other global offices were established in China, the US, Japan, and South Korea. Participation from our global teams was astounding this year. With each office participating in global expos and conferences. And making a name for themselves within their coordinating country. We have always stood strong in our value of advocating for sustainability, as well as prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion within the workplace. In accordance with this, our team made valiant efforts this year to produce collaborative environments to allow. Our company to expand by being perceived through multiple perspectives. On International Women’s Day, we AFB Directory invited four global women leaders in tech to share their workplace experiences and diverse perspectives. Each woman shared their unique experience and encouraged women to enter the tech space.

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