When does your consignment contract end? You are selling books to make money, so be sure to know the specifics of when you will make money. How will your book be promoted in stores? I recommend that you visit the store before submitting your book to be considered for consignment. Specifically, visit the store and see if you can find other books on consignment. Without asking a staff member for help. Your book needs to look good inside and out. Honestly, this is the most important criterion and also the hardest. For example, compare these policies: Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh, North Carolina Saturn Booksellers in Gaylord, Michigan Santa Cruz Bookstore in Santa Cruz, California How do you get a bookstore to accept books on consignment? Of course, I have some advice for you! So, what can you do to maximize the chances of your book being accepted? Your book must have a spine. Coil-bound books are rarely sold in bookstores, even traditionally published ones, because they are difficult to place on shelves and harder for shoppers to find. Likewise, books bound by saddle stitch are not very popular, especially books other than children’s picture books or comic books. Speaking of spines, your book should have the title and author name on the spine.

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Because hey, guess what, then there’s a good Customer Phone Number List chance people won’t be able to find your book. You don’t want to pay a consignment fee only to find your book sitting on a bottom shelf in the back corner, do you? Pro Tip: Most stores won’t call it a consignment section – look for a section that promotes books by local authors or books by indie/self-published authors. Most (probably all) bookstores that offer author consignment programs may have them all readily available on their website these details. Your book also needs a unique ISBN and barcode. Regardless, both of these are required for a book to qualify for worldwide distribution, so you’ve probably already done that! And, of course, there’s the interior. Your book doesn’t need to be professionally formatted, but it should look professionally formatted. Pages should be neatly numbered, paying attention to margins and gutter, and be as free of spelling mistakes and mistakes as possible.

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That’s great! Keyword there – submission. Your AFB Directory book still has to be accepted into your store’s consignment program, and I’ll be blunt with you – they won’t accept everything. In my experience, about half of the books submitted for consignment are rejected.You’ve done your research, confirmed that your local bookstore has a consignment program, and you think it’s worth your time to submit your book. Just like you wouldn’t want to sell a product you’re not proud of, an independent bookstore betting on its inventory won’t sell books that don’t meet its standards – and I’m not talking about content or writing quality. For tips on how to format internal files, we have some resources you can check out: Make sure your book fits the store Some bookstores are large enough to have a wide readership and will stock a wide variety of books. Some don’t. Make sure you’re not wasting your time, for example, by pitching your nonfiction book to a romance bookstore like The Ripped Bodice.

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