If you use WordPress, one of these is certainly SEO Yoast , which precisely on this point allows you to . Choose with a few clicks what to include and what to exclude from your sitemap. SEO sitemap optimization of search engine positioning . Allow you to  However, if you don’t have WordPress , I certainly recommend you take a look at the xml-sitemaps.com website.  Thanks to which you can create perfect sitemaps for your website even without knowing a single line of code. SEO sitemap how to best optimize it Once the sitemap has been generated, my advice is to immediately send it to the index through Search Console, which offers you a specific functionality for this very purpose. By submitting the sitemap you will give Google the opportunity to crawl your site and this will translate into a great advantage for you: faster indexing .

Search Console I recommend you follow this official Google link

If you don’t know  in which it Belgium WhatsApp Number Data shows you step by step how to do it: Creating and sending a Sitemap . What role does the sitemap play in SEO? Nowadays, you should know that poor SEO is not enough to ensure that a site ranks high in the search engine and for you to obtain that superpower that comes from the web : visibility. Allow you to  The competition between the various sites is violent and everyone does everything possible to try to position themselves before the others. There are people who would sell their 90-year-old grandmother in a wheelchair just to rank their vertical site on “Tibetan bananas” and monetize 0.90 cents per sale from Amazon affiliations .

Yet many underestimate the relationship between SEO and sitemap

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Ignore it completely. As much Malaysia WhatsApp Number List as rank brain can come forward and artificial intelligence always guarantee greater evaluation precision, for now search engines still scan sites in search of suggestions and data that may be relevant to determine the importance of a content compared to some user research. Allow you to  This is why correct management of the sitemap can certainly bring benefits. Some examples: When you create an HTML sitemap , you make sure that it matches the site’s home page . This is done so that users can have access to all the information contained in each page of the site starting from the home page, the most important page of the site.

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