Add to the index so that users can find them. Since there are billions of pages on the internet and new ones are being created all the time, it would be impossible for Google’s bot to visit them all every single day. Here, therefore, where the concept of “Crawl Budget” comes from: If crawling is the bot ‘s crawling activity on a site, the Crawl Budget is the estimate that determines how often Google ‘s bot will return to your site in order to check for pages or new information to index . Snoops around  The concept of Crawl Budget can in turn be split into two, namely: Crawl Rate Limit Crawl Demand Crawl Rate Limit The Google bot was designed to be a good citizen of the web .

In practice, enter the site to mind your own business,

Try to do it on tiptoe without Cambodia WhatsApp Number Data overloading the server with the risk of influencing the user experience. This is the “rate limit” the limit referring to the simultaneous connections that . Googlebot can use to crawl the site. This limit can increase or decrease based on two factors. Crawling Ability . Snoops around  If a site responds really quickly to bot visits, then the Crawl Limit will automatically be moved up. However, if the site slows down or server-side errors occur. The limit is lowered and the bot will do fewer scans. Settings from Search Console . Webmasters can also decide to manually set the aforementioned limit, lowering or raising it, but it should be noted that setting higher limits will not automatically get more attention from the bot.

Set-the-scan-frequency Google instructions on how to limit your crawl rate Basically,

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Google wants to avoid overloading Singapore WhatsApp Number List your site by sending the bot to crawl it too heavily. The Crawl Limit serves nothing other than to prevent the bot from . Making too many requests to the site with the result of slowing it down.  In this regard, there are two factors that determine . The degree of attention of the bot: Popularity . Snoops around  URLs that are more popular on the internet tend to receive more crawls to keep them up to date. “Crawl Demand” . It literally indicates the need for scanning.

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