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The growth of data has also l to the development of machine learning in marketing. Machine learning allows companies to analyze large amounts of data and make prictions, which is key to determining marketing strategies. ShareC-level positions came to us from the West, they denote the highest level of management in the company, or in other words “top management”. As a rule, C-level positions are built according to one template of three letters C _ O , at the beginning there is the letter “C” – Chief (Chief), and at the end there is “O” – Officer (officer), and between them there are already various options reflecting the specifics of the position. Who is a CPO CPO (Chief Product Officer) – Product Director.

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Manages products within the company. Responsible for their positioning, competitiveness, for the strategy of their entry into the market. The goal of a CPO is to create an in-demand product that delivers Bulk SMS Italy sustainable business value and consumer value. From time to time you can find references to the roles of Head of Product, Product Owner, VP of Product, they can be appli and interpret in completely different ways. But if you look at the Western culture of hierarchies, then all these roles are lower than the CPO. Who is the CEO CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is perhaps the most recognizable top position in the company.

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In the language we are us to, it sounds like “Chief Executive Officer” or “General Director”. This is the highest position in the company, whose tasks include the strategic management of the company and AFB Directory all managers. Who is(Chief Operating Officer) – Operations Director. As a rule, he is responsible for operational, day-to-day activities. In different companies, the specifics of this position may differ, so it cannot be clearly defin. Typically, COO tasks are ruc to the development and implementation of a system of performance indicators, i.e. KPI, process quality management and operational strategy.

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