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Gerry McGovern Imagine you want to. Fly to Bangkok for a holiday and you are looking for a cheap flight. What are you looking for: “affordable flight”, “low fares”, or “cheap flight” to Bangkok? Nobody is looking for “affordable” flights. Google’s Keyword. Tool shows that people are searching for “cheap” and cheap flights. Google Suggestion is yet another great tool to add to your collection. google suggestions content creation Here you can read more about. How to use various Google tools for your website: Google Analytics , etc. Keyword search results. Show that “cheap” is term than “low airfare” or “affordable”. Most people are looking for “cheap” flights.

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Care words are words that people search for.  To sound better than we really are. We try to beautify what we do. We try to sound whatsapp mobile number list scientific, sophisticate or special. But your web visitor is looking for familiar words and the right keywords that they want to see because they’re on a trail of scent trails that tell them they’re in the right place. 6. people Just like a lazy panther looking for easy prey for dinner, your web visitor doesn’t want to do a lot of work to read your text. Make the text easy to read: Use short paragraphs – four sentences maximum.

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Use short sentences twelve words on average. jargon AFB Directory and jargon Avoid an impersonal way of speaking Avoid unnecessary repetition Address your web visitors – use the word “you” Shorten your text How short should your text be? Steve Krug recommends getting rid of half the words on the page, and getting rid of the remaining half, especially if the page is focuse on spee and sales.

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