Current exchange platform users Available only to can access Initial Exchange Offerings. What are the disadvantages of IEO Marketing? As every sector has its disadvantages, so does IEO marketing. Some of the disadvantages include Websites may Differ: Exchange websites for cryptocurrencies are not all made equal. Make sure you do your homework before choosing an exchange platform. Since some may not be as severe about conducting due diligence or enforcing rules.

Additional Fees: Particularly on respected

Exchange sites, listing fees may be rather expensive. Additionally, startups can be required to pay the exchange a fee on token sales. Risks of Scammers: Cryptocurrency pump and dump schemes continue to exist with the IEO marketing strategy. Scammers fabricate excitement around a cryptocurrency to spark interest and pull off these schemes as well as Turkey WhatsApp Number Data raise prices so they may quickly sell all of their holdings. Top IEO Marketing Goals and KPIs that you must keep a track of Some marketing objectives and key performance metrics that you should pay attention to before learning about the best IEO marketing strategy in include: Brings traffic to the website for your project.

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Spreads knowledge about the product

Drives organic traffic to your Initial Exchange Offering on cryptocurrency exchanges. Rally supporters of cryptocurrency to your IEO advertising initiative. They’ll participate, create, and distribute promotional content that helps your course. Creates a devoted, engaged  Canada Telegram Number community for your cause instead of just a collection of airdrop or bounty recipients. ieo marketing strategy IEO Marketing Techniques that you must take a note of (Tips for an effective IEO) Begin early Start your marketing techniques before your project is posted on the exchange.

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