As Driss Uptime and load balance client requests. In the next series of articles we will introduce how to install and configure a database cluster under the technology. It allows us to have multiple servers that support reading and writing, thereby rucing the bottleneck of those intensive applications. Database writing. In this example we will use and servers on the distribution to balance the load across all nodes. Percona The image below gives what you want to achieve. Blog image. We can observe how a set of servers are connect to a set of database servers in a load balancer. This way a statement can fall on any one of them and the rest will be connect to it.

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Synchronization  bottlenecks in our models. This series of articles assumes that you have already configur some servers so we will focus on the database cluster and its balancer. Second hand infrastructure While this is the Cyprus WhatsApp Number List infrastructure we are using for this installation it may vary depending on your requirements on the hardware side On the software side if necessary keep it the same to avoid incompatibilities Perhaps compatibility is only expect between and Equivalent version. Four machines Memory Cores Disks for operating system and basic applications for databases and logging.

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High-spe communication between machines over local network Recommend access to machines Resolving machines by name For the database server we will assign a name so that we can Easily identify them in the tasks you perform. This step may not be necessary if your network already has an internal one. On each computer it the Italy Phone Number file and add image code installation repository is requir to have some packages. Run the following command on each machine Image Code Disabl Although in this case we will disable in this demo but as we all know in terms of security it is better to keep it enabl by establishing necessary rules in order to encapsulate the application with this Once reserv we continue. I perform this task on four machines. Image code to get results.

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