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Who love to take beautiful photos and videos. The work is more creative. But at the same time it sometimes requires working with numbers. How to learn SMM: on your own vs courses I have already publish a detail plan for self-study of SMM in the corresponding article. I recommend checking it out. Here I will only briefly give an understanding in which direction to move. There are two ways to learn SMM, either take a course, or independently search for the necessary knowlge. The first case requires an investment of money, and the second, an investment of your time. I will give a list of topics to simplify self-study in this area.

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Try to find answers to them. Some topics have already been cover by me in this blog. So I will leave links to them. How is the news fe form in social networks How is creative content creat? Creating a content Bulk SMS Netherlands plan Using Canva and Photoshop for an SMM Specialist Opportunities for social networks (Instagram. Facebook and others) for content creation Methods for promoting content on social networks. Target launch on Instagram Who nes the services of an SMM specialist? SMM services may be ne by any business that operates online.

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Those who do not yet work online should start doing this, because today there are practically. No such areas in which online is not ne. SMM is especially effective in those directions in which the product can be AFB Directory shown in the photo. For example, showing a service in the form of an image or even a video will be much more difficult than simply taking a picture of a physical product, such as clothing.A simple technique propos by Mark Sherrington will allow you to segment potential customers into semantic blocks. To do this, you ne to answer yourself questions What.

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