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Director Internet Marketer Expert In addition to knowlge the course also provides skills that will help you promote your project in social networks. If the job search is relevant to you then our Career Center will help with that. Course Modules Marketing and What is the Target Audience and How to Work With It Example Creating Accounts in Social Networks How to Produce Social Mia Content Audience Engagement and Competition Mechanics Social Mia Stories Social Mia Video Content Social Mia Statistics and Analytics Paid and Free Promotion Methods in Social Networks Social Mia Promotion Strategies.

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How to Get Effective with Clients How to USA B2B List Find New Clients or Jobs Newsletters Work with Bloggers on PLUS Advanc Training Courses Newsletters Chatbots and Automat Funnels Promotion This is What you’ll learn in the courseHere’s what you’ll learn in the courseIn the online training course from scratch you’ll learn to understand the  networks prepare text and visual content and work in advertising. At the end of the training you can create ready-made strategies yourself You can put it in your portfolio and show it to clients. You’ll also learn how to build relationships with clients who to work with who not to work with and how to keep clients with you for the long-term. Information about course graduates.

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Is post on a separate page of the website making them easy for employers to find. Feback on  management courses Number of expert AFB Directory year courses modules videos training period months. Fees rubles per course. The first payment is made months after the start of the training. Installments can be made up to a maximum of one month. File Certificate. Updat  Course developers promise. To help with employment or return money. No job Can you get your tuition.  There are practical assignments and workshops where you work on practical assignments with leading experts. Main Topics of the Course Why You Ne an In-Depth Strategy Copyright.

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