Enter any amount not less than rubles You can enter any amount not less than rubles Next you will be prompt to choose a convenient payment method bank card   etc. The standard way just like when buying anything online. Pay the balance. your wallet. Fast payment system. Payment will be made via the card you normally use to top up online. . When this method is select the platform will automatically generate a payment invoice. Qiwi. phone using an SMS code. for money. Transfer money from card or account.  can learn everything relat to advertising accounts replenishing and launching advertising campaigns in the update course.

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You will gain a comprehensive understanding Chad Email List of the goals of the year regarding all the nuances and requirements of advertising methods of supplementing and optimizing the budget. Bank Card Payment If your account is link to a bank card you will be prompt to choose a bank card. Select a link card or enter details for a new card enter your email address to receive a receipt. Click to pay. Funds are crit to the account in minutes or less.  way. You can top up in any convenient way. To select this type by payment click . Choose a card be sure to enter your email and hit pay. No commission is paid by paying for advertising.


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You can set up auto-replenishment

Create codes to protect your wallet. And recharge the balance in advance from the associat card. If you want to show ads. Continuously and not track AFB Directory your wallet balance please set up your ad account to be automatically recharg from your balance.  when you pay you automatically agree to rules You can set up auto-replenishment when you pay you automatically agree to rules Express Payment System is a payment system service that allows you to receive and send instant transfers via phone.

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