The app to adjust its appearance. After finalizing the image and adding any necessary captions. You can tap the send button to share the image with the selected contact or group. The image will be sent immediately. And the recipient will be able to view and download it on their device. Whatsapp supports various image formats. Including jpeg. Png. And gif. This means you can send photos. Screenshots. Graphics. Or animated images using the app. Whatsapp also compresses the images before sending them. Allowing for efficient transmission and storage.

One of the significant advantages of sending

Images through whatsapp is that it utilizes an internet connection. Enabling you to share images with contacts around the world Egypt Email List without incurring additional charges. As long as you have an internet connection. Whether through wi-fi or mobile data. You can freely send images to your contacts. Whatsapp also ensures the privacy and security of your image sharing. The app uses end-to-end encryption. Which means that your images are encrypted and can only be viewed by you and the intended recipient.

This encryption technology protects your

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Images from unauthorized access and provides a secure platform for media sharing. In addition to sending images from your  AFB Directory device’s gallery. Whatsapp also supports capturing and sending photos directly from the in-app camera. This feature allows you to take a photo and instantly share it with your contacts without leaving the app. It is convenient for capturing and sharing spontaneous moments in real-time. Whatsapp also provides features to enhance your image sharing experience. You can receive and send multiple images in one message. Creating a seamless gallery-like experience for the recipient.

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