Months If the owner of the advertising account spends millions of euros on advertising during this period he will be able to use the frozen assets for advertising.  the company changes its mind about advertising on the site the frozen funds will not be return  now we analyze how to launch and set up the official advertisement before we enter the landing page. Only this last key to this last key to this home page will open. Click to enter the area code. The number must be in international format and state the country code from.

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An automat message will be sent to the account Kazakhstan B2B List associat with the number. If the number you dial is correct click Confirm to continue the registration. A check mark will appear. Account verifi. After clicking the button a green check mark will appear. Account verifi. Next the account selection window will open. By default the list contains the personal accounts that the phone numbers are link to. But you can create a new account personal account business account or test account. You can choose your own account or create a separate account for the company. You can choose your own account or create a separate account.

B2B Email List

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For the company account. You ne to specify all the data of the company and company group only if you are the company when the owner. do AFB Directory not specify it as a test channel nor create it as a test channel. When you click on a country at this point the country completes the registration process and you can proce with setup. They will appear during the creation of the first campaign. Ads How to Set Up and Start a Campaign To create your first campaign click Create New Ad on the account you select in the top right corner to make changes to your account Ne to change your account A template will appear with settings for future campaigns. It’s simple in part because.

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