The popular messaging application has revolutionized the way people communicate and has become an integral part of everyday life for millions of users worldwide. In order to understand the origins of whatsapp and its creators. It is important to delve into their backgrounds and the circumstances that led to the creation of this groundbreaking platform. Jan koum. A ukrainian-american entrepreneur. Was born on february 24. 1976. In kiev. Ukraine. He grew up in a modest household and experienced the hardships of living in a country under soviet rule. In 1992. When jan was 16 years old.

He immigrated to the united states with his mother

Settling in mountain view. California. Koum’s fascination with computers began at an early age. And he enrolled at san jose state Cape Verde Email List university to pursue a degree in computer science. While studying at san jose state university. Koum was introduced to brian acton. A fellow student with a passion for technology. Acton was born on february 17. 1972. In michigan. Usa. He had previously worked at companies like apple and yahoo. Gaining valuable experience in the tech industry.

Both koum and acton shared a vision for

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Creating a platform that would simplify communication and connect people around the world. After completing his AFB Directory studies. Koum worked at ernst & young as a security tester. Where he gained insights into the vulnerabilities of various software systems. This experience solidified his commitment to developing secure and private communication platforms. In 1997. Koum joined yahoo as an infrastructure engineer. Where he crossed paths with acton once again.

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