Duplicate content search raven , now I want to show you some of the most common mistakes that lead to the unintentional creation of duplicate content. Simultaneous presence of HTTP and HTTPS If your site has two separate versions  and the same content is on both versions of the site, well, then you definitely have a duplicate content problem ! The same happens if your site has a version. If the same content is present on both versions then you are feeding the bot duplicate content.

To avoid this risk you must redirect everything

Preferably by modifying the UAE Phone Number Data file so as to process all redirects on the server side. Do you want to do it yourself? Here is the necessary of parameters in your URLs URL parameters such as click tracking and some Analytics code can cause duplicate content issues. In this case the problem arises not because of the parameters themselves, but because of the way the parameters appear in the URLs. Web may be Here are some practical examples This can also generate duplicate content . This problem occurs in fact when each user’s session is assigned a different ID which is stored in the URL .

The basic concept is that any parameter

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Present in URLs can cause Australia Phone Number List duplicate content.  In these cases the intervention is almost always custom and is intervened by inserting  . Copied or “scratched” contents When we talk about duplicate “content” we include in this set not only the . Blog posts or editorial content, but also the information on the product pages present for example in an e-commerce site. Web may be  Scripts that “scrape” as they say in jargon or copy the content of a site can cause comprehension problems for the bot. In this sense there is a problem that can be.  Seen in many e-commerce sites: when a product is very common, webmasters tend to copy the description exactly as provided on the manufacturer’s website.

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