Target audience. You can serve ads to users bas on Like music preferences Applications Thematic groups they belong to.  you can combine the targeting types list to more precisely target your audience. If you’re having a hard time with targets sign up for the update course . You’ll learn how to prepare and deliver ads choose the right target audience use analytics services and more. After signing up you can watch the course for free for days before you decide to purchase the full course.

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Setting Up and Launching Target Ads Let’s Peru B2B List move on to walk through the step-by-step setup of target ads and the nuances you should be aware of. Let’s consider the stage of launching target advertising with engagement as the goal.  an example of our recently creat test community. Since there is almost no audience among them we will select targets to join the community. Public ads will be seen by users most likely to join. The probability is calculat by an algorithm. Please note that you will not be able to advertise for a community if the community has fewer than . This ad could not be review at all. Also the subject should match the title.

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The purpose of advertising is

Select the appropriate advertising objective AFB Directory here. Select the appropriate advertising objective here. Ad Formats Next you ne to choose an ad format.  is responsible for what read the article Advertising Requirements Recommendations Examples for more information. We adopt the form of one-click recording allowing users to join the community with one click. Ad Formats Record with ButtonsAd FormatsRecord with ButtonsWe create an ad add a link and click continue. Next you’ll ne to come up with attractive text with options to upload a cover add a photo or video change button names or.

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