In 3 steps. Number of lessons and social network promotion: hours of exercises 1 practical assignment 1 hour of seminar. The beginner training period is one month. Cost: rubles. You can pay in installments up to a maximum of months. Update: Not specifi. Documentation: certificates and diplomas. Features: Lesson plans include virtual internships. project with an online school partner. The training program is very comprehensive and covers multiple social networks from to and . The focus is on solving business problems promoting gathering audiences and working effectively with them.

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There are materials on the selection of Antigua and Barbuda Email list specific social networks for the company’s tasks. This is the result of the course developer’s commitment  developer’s commitment Main theme: Strategy and goal setting in Community creation and design Creating content for social networks Social mia promotion tools During the internship students work on practical projects in small groups each with their own mentor. This is a true test of the industry and the relationship with customers. Course organizers recommend the best graduates to their business partners. Student Feback Student Feback See also: All Content in Content: Creating and Promoting. Course capacity: theoretical hours practical hours. Several live webinars.

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A one-month course for beginners. Fees: R. There AFB Directory is a monthly installment plan. You may attend no more than one course and upon realizing that the presentation of the material the format of the training or the specialization is inappropriate you may receive a full refund of the course fee. UPDATE: Adjustments to the program have been announc bas on actual conditions in 2019. Documentation: Certificate of Advanc Training. Chips: Each student will receive rubles for launching a test advertising campaign on Facebook. The developers stress the importance of making progress on different platforms and providing information on working with  platforms and of course. The main topics cover in the course are strategy content creation and launching advertising campaigns. You’ll gain this knowlge by mastering the program You’ll.

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