Its marketing channels. Within the framework of this article we will not delve into the differences but only give two basic formulas: by the value of one sale or by the average check. Ways to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value by the Value of One Sale How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value by the Value of One Sale Formula to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value by Average Check Formula to Calculate Customer Lifetime  on you can more accurately calculate how to attract customers and the allowable cost of one purchase.

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For example a customer you know will stay with Andorra Email List you for several months and make a purchase. Then you realize that acquiring that customer made in profit on the first purchase. In the KPIs of the Internet marketing channel you can specify that the allowable cost of attracting new customers exces the profit on their first purchase. Summary: How to evaluate the effectiveness of Internet marketing applications These indicators depend on whether the results are evaluat from a business or marketing perspective. For marketers the following metrics are important: impressions   and reach  ; conversion rate.

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Click-through rat  cost-per-click cost-per-thousand AFB Directory impressions or cost-per-action; average checks   ; Engagement and Subscriber Count; Site Browsing Depth. Monetizable end results are important to a business: number of leads or sales; cost per lead or cost of sale; cost of acquiring new customers  ; return on investment  ; share of advertising spend; customer lifetime value  . Keep in mind that you cannot target your target audience from Maxim Pasenko date on social networks promotions in social networks are aim at a specific group of users that a business wants to attract a target audience. The target audience in social networks consists of people who are most likely to be interest in the company’s products. Experts find target audiences bas on research.

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