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I think this is the only way of learning that is right. The main thing for the middle is to learn the right way of thinking. In the course, I teach the development of an SMM strategy. The main secret to developing an effective SMM strategy is not in the order of the slides.The presence of some blocks in the presentation. And in making an effective plan of action that fulfills the goals of the client. A strategy is not a set of actionstools, standard templates. This is a mindset. I recently add a new lecture to the course with examples of three approaches to competitor analysis.

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They look very different. They solve the same problem in three different situations. Has anyone taught me how to do this? No. I participat in.The development of several tenders in a row and they differ greatly Bulk SMS Azerbaijan in their starting situation. The purpose of competitor analysis is to extract useful experience for the strategy from the work of others. How to do it, and how not to do it. If tomorrow I come across a different situation with competitors that dont fit the previous templates, Ill just do a new approach. For example, to analyze the competitors of my. Native blog, which I am currently developing a strategy for, no templates from my past experience are suitable at all.

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So Ill just make everything from scratch. This will distinguish the middle from the senior. Middles and juniors who are lucky rely heavily on templates. The seigneur works on the inspiration AFB Directory of his experience. Jun also often works this way, he just has no experience, so he goes blindly and at random.Summary who is who? There is no special knowlge in marketing, having learn which, you move to a new level. The right difference between specialist levels lies in the way of.

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