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Well I then decid to look for factories that already produce finish products, the idea began to revolve around OEM. Then I found several factories in Russia, but they offer boring and uninteresting lamp designs. I did not find any position that I would like. In the end, I turn to Chinese factories through a specializ website and found a lot of interesting and attractive products that would suit me perfectly. And the price is right. I contact one of the factories, chose positions, negotiat with them and found a contractor for delivery.

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So my own brand began to exist. The first batch is on its way. The positions are already on the website: and on Ozon. brand-Lampaman New brand of lamps – Lampaman Where are you currently attracting customers Bulk SMS Services in Ghana from? From the last launch of the online store, I had wholesale customers with whom I kept in touch, and when I left work, I immiately began working with them on orders. I mean, I didn’t go anywhere. Now the store began to develop rapidly, sales are going well. Recently, I even turn off all advertising, as there are a lot of orders, mostly wholesale. I had a temporary shortage of resources to work with retail clients. And I plan to attract employees after the products of my own brand go on sale.

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As for promotion plans, I will develop various channels: social networks, Telegram channels, contextual advertising, marketplaces, as well as work with partners and designers. As for working with AFB Directory partners, I have develop a mutually beneficial system. The idea is that when a partner wants to sell my products, I offer them a Xdiscount. If a partner wants to get an even bigger discount, I offer him to place my banner on his site first and get an additional conditional discount. If he also places my products on the main page, I offer him a further discount. Thus, I have a step-by-step motivation system.

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