Cover by the content. content. Formula Count. Views shows how many times the post has been view. For example someone who stumbles across a post in a post will be count as views and reach. This metric is useful for assessing the number of times an article is read rather than times of arrivals and times of views. Slightly more views than stories The publication is scroll slightly more Views are slightly more than stories The publication is scroll in Views are the only metric for assessing the effectiveness of a publication and inde the channel as a whole. Yes view counts can go up but by comparing the number of subscribers on your channel to the view count you can get an idea of ​​how active your audience is. Activity.

What Views   shows Interest in

Statistics by Views and Shares  Engagement Egypt Email List Rate What it shows The quality of the content. The formula for coverage react-coverage. Follower formula reaction-follower. Allows you to gauge audience reaction to content.  of reactions by the number of subscribers or reach. Splitting by reach is preferable because it shows the actual number of people who view the post. Subscriber’s is useful for comparing different posts with each other as well as gauging the level of engagement with competitor posts. Social networks won’t show up and it’s laborious to calculate it yourself You ne to take measurements constantly monitor changes in metrics and visualize everything somewhere.

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Activity Statistics by Views and Shares

Offers help analyzing services eg. He will AFB Directory calculate the engagement rate himself and display it on a graph. The Engagement Report’s Engagement Report Daily Engagement Daily Engagement Rate Days What it shows Engagement levels for content per day. Daily Outreach Formula Daily Action Sum Outreach Sum. Subscriber’s daily formula daily operation sum subscriber count. Daily Quality Tracking Metric This metric determines the best time to post. Engagement per post posts What it.

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