Understanding Channels and Content format; write interesting posts and promote them both paid and free; Connect chatbots; and successfully move forward in messenger.  entrepreneurs who want to make money through promotion beginners experts who want to master a new platform experts and bloggers who ne to attract new customers and audiences. The duration of the video lessons is one day. Upon passing you will receive a certificate and the opportunity to continue with practical courses at ruc terms. Part of the automatic posting service on the blog The blog publishes relevant and useful material.

Build a system to attract customers

About social network promotion. There Spain B2B List is a separate section with relat articles. Featur articles from the blog about promoting in China by experienc experts. Featur articles from the blog on promoting in China by season experts. Both beginners and season experts will find here a lot about Something new and interesting How to write your first post 1 possible approach Guide How to create and configure bots in Telegram Channels and Blogs Advertisement Rules A content idea that hasn’t been copi yet How to identify and gather your target audience in.

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How To Advertise In And Without. Contains instructions promotional features tips and tools for working with Messenger and expert advice from marketers. Topics range from the simplest such as. The rules for creating a channel to the complex such as how to place ads in Official Accounts. This section is useful for those who have already start working or are AFB Directory just starting to master the messaging tool. The blog will be interesting for those who want to follow site changes keep up with trends and modern promotional techniques. Promotion is only cooler in a practical online course that will not only teach you how to get it right but also how to.

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