Appreciably similar content in different web addresses, it becomes difficult for it to decide which version of these too similar documents may be the most relevant for a given user search. Why is duplicate content so important? Duplicate content can lead to 3 main problems for search engines.  Search engine crawlers are not exactly geniuses no, not even . Google’s and are not able to recognize which version of similar content should be indexed, included or excluded from the results . Crawlers are not capable of appropriately processing all the metrics  . Deriving from the links pointing to a piece of content trust, authority, anchor text , link equity .

Separating these metrics between

The different versions of Turkey Phone Number Data the same Faced with duplicate content, crawlers cannot understand which version of the content should be positioned for related search questions ( queries ) This is why, on the webmaster side, when duplicate content is present, ranking losses and therefore traffic can occur. These losses are attributable to two main problems. Problem no in order to offer the best possible search experience, search engines rarely show multiple versions of the same . Content and are therefore forced to independently choose the best version to show in the results. The cause of this problem is therefore simple.  If only one piece of content is chosen, this will limit the visibility of duplicate results in the .

Link equity or link juice as it is also called

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May find itself diluted as sites that choose Vietnam Phone Number List to link to certain content may mistakenly select the duplicate. As a result, instead of having all your nice links pointing to the same content giving the page authority, you would end up with a bunch of duplicates with low link equity power. The risks associated with duplicate content should now be clearer to you.  Duplicate content: the most frequent causes In the vast majority of cases webmasters do not intentionally create . Duplicate content , but this does not mean that it is not present. Some estimates say that around 29% of the entire Word Wide.

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