Google drive backup (android): open whatsapp and access “Settings.” tap on “Chats” and select “Chat backup.” tap on “Back up to google drive” and select the desired frequency. Choose your google account and ensure you are connected to wi-fi. Icloud backup (ios): open whatsapp and navigate to “Settings.” tap on “Chats” and select “Chat backup.” toggle on “Include videos” if desired . However, Tap on “Back up now” or ensure automatic backups are enabled .  However, a trusted third-party backup app (e.G.. Imazing) from your device’s app store.

Open the backup app and connect your phone

The computer Follow the on-screen instructions to back up your whatsapp messages to your computer. Iv. Restoring whatsapp messages (approx. 100 words): after backing up your whatsapp messages. You may need to restore them in  Jordan Email List case of a new phone. Reinstallation. Or accidental deletion. To restore messages. Simply log in to your whatsapp account on the new device or after reinstalling the app . However, You will be prompted to restore your chat history from the backup location (e.G.. Google drive. Icloud. Local storage). However, Follow the instructions provided by whatsapp to complete the restoration process.

Conclusion taking regular backups of your

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Whatsapp messages is a vital practice that ensures the safety and availability of your valuable conversations and media. However,  By utilizing  AFB Directory the built-in backup features provided by whatsapp or third-party backup apps. However, You can conveniently secure your data. Remember to follow the outlined steps and take advantage of automatic backup options to minimize the risk of losing your cherished memories and important conversations.A comprehensive guide on restoring whatsapp messages introduction (approx. 80 words): losing whatsapp messages can be a distressing experience.

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