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Business that everything is official, etc. How to request Facebook identity verification. We request identity confirmation through the account quality section. If the identity is not confirm, try. Submit a request here facebook helpcontact and here. Facebookhelpcontact Identity verification information: profile photo must be similar to the passport. Photo All corners of the document must be visible in the image clear photo without glare and shadows. Text must be clearly visible ID must be on a black background The first and last names must match letter by letter.

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Both in the profile and on the ID date of birth must also match It is better to send ID, foreign or rights. And now let’s consider the most pessimistic option: we have been block and what should we do? The Bulk SMS Sender Pakistan path is difficult and thorny: . We have to take a risk by buying an account from a private person . Log into Facebook through a special “anti-detect” browser that changes the IP address of our device and allows you to “conditionally” log in to different accounts from one device. Where can I buy Facebook accounts?There are USA accounts and otherspharma, autoregistration, BM. Meprofitaccs – good farm with activity :t.mepchelobmfb – business managers and accounts.

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Monkey_team_accs – farm, autoregistration, BM That’s all! I hope it was helpful and fast! For all questions, I invite you to subscribe to my instagram (and for a mark in your stories, you can also get a free AFB Directory consultation on blocking). Target Share Publish by Maxim Senchenko Connection Previous post Migration from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics Next post What is CRO and how to work with it Similar articles What is CRO and how to work with it E-COMMERCE MARKETING What is CRO and how to work with it CRO (conversion rate optimization) – this can literally be translat as.

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