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Channels and allocate your advertising budget to them. Portrait of target audience A portrait is the result of a study of the target audience. It is a set of features of a typical client of the company that are important for product promotion. Marketers often create a detail profile of their client: prescribe his age, gender, income level, clothing style. Sometimes they describe a typical day in his life or assign other attributes. If a company has a large range of products, there may be several profiles. The portrait of the target audience helps the company to build communication with the client bas on his nes, habits and emotions.

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It is important to understand who will ne your products or services, how much money customers will agree to spend on them. Bas on the data, you will form a pricing policy and plan promotion. Analyze competitors. Look at Saudi Bulk SMS their USP. Who addresses them and how communication between business and the audience is built. Use this data to create your own selling proposition and find your audience. How to test the target audience You ne to test the target audience to make sure that the contingent and marketing methods are chosen correctly.

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Ways: questioning; focus groups; meetings with company representatives; various activities – draws, meetings, master classes. All this helps to get feback from customers and analyze it. Audience Search AFB Directory Programs Popular services: Collects statistics on VK and Odnoklassniki in the form of detail reports. SmmUp. Service for monitoring the audience in VK. Allows you to determine the time of the greatest activity of the audience and schule posting. segment target.

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