Profit then your . This means that for every ruble invest in advertising you earn rubles. Marketing Return on Investment  exces marketing can recover its cost; if it exces marketing can make a profit. But if it turns out that the value of is negative then there is no return on investment and the marketing approach nes to change. Advertising Spend Share This metric shows how much of the profit is spent on advertising. In fact this is the cost ratio of Internet marketing. Advertising cost apportionment calculation formula The lower the advertising cost apportionment calculation formula is the.

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Better the advertising effect will be. If it’s Algeria Email List lower the advertising pays off and the business makes a profit; if it’s higher the business loses money because more money is spent on advertising than it brings in sales. The exception is complex niche markets where one attract client will bring in a lot of sales over a period of several months so the share of advertising costs will decline relative to the profit generat by that client. Lifetime Value This is a more complex metric that shows how profitable an acquir customer is over the lifetime of their relationship.

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Not only will it help you calculate the effectiveness. Of your online marketing strategy for the current month but it will. Also help you calculate the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy for the next six months to a year. For example the niche market of online movie theaters. In general customers don’t buy access once but extend it and buy it again. ustomer cannot be estimat by the first purchase you ne to consider what profit he can bring in the AFB Directory long run. Remember you pay once for a new client and he can bring in twice as much profit depending on quality work with the client. calculate There are many formulas and it all depends on the niche of the business.

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