FMCG cheap products or local products. The company doesn’t want to create a communication with the audience. email marketing marketing even before social networking. Collaboration with the audience takes place through the distribution of e-mails. The key difference between email marketing and context and targeting is that a business works with its own assembl audience which means it can deliver the message and build communication on its own. Newsletters are us for branding driving traffic direct selling reactivation and customer retention. Distributions are: transaction checks confirmations.

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News promotions; advertisements for sales Australian Email List rate clicks unsubscribes. Examples of advertising emails and relat emails Examples of advertising emails and relat email гарантиях When not to use email marketing: No website or landing page business is local and niche. audience of the mailing. content marketing Build a loyal audience with useful relevant or entertaining content. This is a complex approach for  and email campaigns. According to a study by  of Russian agencies use content marketing to talk about products generate interest from target audiences form communities and acquire leads. Key indicators: coverage number of target actions. An example of Sberbank’s content marketing.

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On the company’s blog on Sberbank’s AFB Directory publications targeting different audiences An example of Sberbank’s content marketing on the company’s blog on When to use content Marketing: The company has a niche new or complex product that nes to explain its value and importance to the audience. The company’s products are expensive and don’t make immiate buying decisions. The company can invest in content and distribution. When not to use content marketing: Local business and low-cost quick-ne business. Content marketing for small stationery FMCG or.

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