Mentions You can attach product information cards to sheets or formats. No animation. Each card has a title of up to characters. carousel posts should be at least 1 pixel. button input. Post text up to characters text next to the button up to characters with spaces. Images or videos in promotional posts must be at least one pixel in size. Image format or without animation. The video must be load in the player. The video format is the same as in general recording. The aspect ratio of the video is  otherwise black bars will be add.

Image dimensions for promotional

Example of a left-to-right generic post and Central-African-Republic Email List a promotional post with a button Example of a left-to-right generic post and a promotional post with a button Carousel promotional post example carousel promotional target audience Choosing your target audience is creating an effective The first step in promoting a post. In order to grab the attention of potential customers you ne to understand who they are and what they are looking for. Promoting piping hot lamb kebabs to vegetarians is a so-so business that faces a meltdown and a sea of ​​negativity. It is necessary to analyze the data of the target audience and understand its characteristics Use targeting tools. Users who meet certain criteria such as age gender geographic.

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Post example How to choose your

Location and interests will see target ads. This will help ruce advertising costs and increase their effectiveness. Use audience analysis tools. that AFB Directory can help you better understand your subscribers find out which posts are the most popular among your audience the best time to publish content what interests are your subscribers what devices are they accessing What countries do they live in. Research competitors. Research your competitors’ advertising campaigns and their results. This will help determine the strengths and weaknesses of your promotion and use the best leverage for your own advertising campaign. Constantly test and analyze. By comparing the results of your promotional posts you can determine which promotional posts.

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