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Will study the design, button layout, texts and other parameters important for the client. You can also provide the bot with a report from the metrics so that it can get accurate data on the current situation on the site. Preparing a marketing strategy or mia plan ChatGPT can create a marketing strategy and suggest steps for the specialist to take. Write a request for the AI ​​to prepare a mia plan. To do this, name the channel in which you plan to promote, give the website address, indicate the ToV that you want to use in communication, list the characteristics of the target audience, and describe the product. Don’t be shy: the more information there is, the better the result will be.

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In copywriting ChatGPT can write text on the desir topic. Moreover, the content can be of any direction: an article, a selling text, a news item, a product card, etc. Preparing a publication plan If you have any Bulk SMS Hong Kong topic, the neural network will help with content writing. For example, he will come up with headlines for posts on social networks of a motor oil manufacturer. This approach can help you find insights, topics you haven’t written about yet. How to use ChatGPT from Russia and how the neural network can help marketers Create blog articles and notes Describe the topic, indicate from what position ChatGPT should talk about it (philistine, expert), and ask the bot to create an article.

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Also do not forget to write down how many characters it should have. The neural network writes articles well in English, so we recommend communicating with it in this language. Then it will be AFB Directory possible to translate the content into Russian. If necessary, the bot will select hashtags for the text. How to use ChatGPT from Russia and how the neural network can help marketers Creation of advertising text Set the parameters for writing content: keywords, number of characters, inclusion of the company’s goods and services. For example, you ne a neural network to write an advertising.

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