The post itself there. Channel Mentions Before purchasing placements in your channel do a good job of researching your subscribers’ activity.  user growth graph doesn’t show unusual jumps and dips and doesn’t look perfectly even; the increase in subscribers coincides with mentions from other channels and correlates sufficiently with coverage There are people watching a post people subscribing; you’re happy with the ratio of the delivery cost advertis to you to the reach of the advertis post on your channel. Also you can read an analysis of your channel audience in How to Identify Subscriber Cheating in Telegram.

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Channels Methods and Tools.  and instructions France B2B List for clearing bot channels. Cheat Views in To analyze a view you ne to go to the view analysis tab in . Normal viewing schule for a channel Typically most users will read the post within the first hour of posting and then the views will drop off. Later there may be a small spike when remaining subscribers with notifications turn off read the last few posts at a time in their free time. Generally speaking the itinerary is relatively smooth there are sudden viewings in the morning and evening and there are almost no viewings at night. You may suspect cheating if the dynamics look different with insufficiently long-lasting spikes on the graph longer intervals of metrics evenly spac and an increase in nightly views.

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The views in the bottom three charts AFB Directory look unnatural charts look unnatural New views may also appear after reposting a post to a different channel. If the graph looks unusual it’s worth looking at the detail statistics by the hour. To do this click on the eye next to the desir post and the detail statistics will open. The graph shows that post views increas to times within an hour. The graph shows that post views increas to times within an hour. If the promotion is not so obvious you can again see how views are form by impressions of posts.

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