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Works and its settings , as well as knowlge about creating custom audiences . We will consider the most popular retargeting option, this is the return to the site of those people who have already been on it. To do this, we will ne to create one or more custom audiences. The first step is to collect visitors to our site: Having select a site in the sources, we will also ne to select the type of event “All site visitors”, or visitors to specific pages of the site. Then it all depends on how your pixel is configur. If it captures the conversions you ne, such as a purchase or registration , then you can add these events to the exclusions, thus collecting an audience of people who were just on the site, but did not take the desir action.

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With this setup, don’t forget to select the “match ALL conditions” setting at the top. If for some reason you don’t have pixel conversions fix, but you have a list of customers who have bought/sign up, then SMS Gateway Slovenia we’ll have to take a few more steps. We’ll just create the “All Site Visitors” audience, without adding exceptions to it. Next, you ne to create a second custom audience by selecting the Customer List source. Having load the list of clients, we can proce to create a sav audience and in its settings pull up the previously creat audience.

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All Site Visitors”, and add “List of Clients” to the exceptions, all other settings can either be remov or set at your discretion. call to action CTA (Call To Action) is an abbreviation that literally translates AFB Directory as “call to action”. This concept is often us in marketing when creating advertising, websites, banners. It is notic that the use of calls to action increase the conversion to this very action. This is reflect in such indicators as CTR, CPC and CPA. For example.

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