Party which impact the National Congress and result in the simultaneous existence of two boards of directors, debating at the same time and in different places. This situation, which last for several days, show a fissure in the new government party when a group of deputies ignor a campaign commitment that it grant to the Salvador Party of Honduras ( psh) the Presidency of Congress and decid to assume that instance, negotiating for it with the National Party, which govern the country in the last years and is responsible for the critical situation in which it finds itself at the moment. Although the crisis was resolv, it was a sign of the difficulties that the new government will face.

Elite Who Gamble On The Players

The presence of Vice President Kamala Harris at the inauguration of Castro and the extradition of former President Hernández seem to indicate that the fight against corruption, rather than Nepal Email List ideology, will mark relations between Honduras and the Unit States . It is worth mentioning that this occurs when Honduras is still experiencing the aftermath of the coup, including the growing polarization of society, an anti-communist language typical of the Cold War, and the sick obsession of conservatives with former president Manuel Zelaya Rosales ( – ). To everyone’s surprise, particularly the National Party, the attempt to turn the electoral struggle into an ideological war did not have the success achiev with the coup d’ état .

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The Armed Enforcers Hired To Police

Nobody expect it, a coalition with other forces that are far from being identifi with the left, among them the recently creat psh , the National Innovation and Unity Party ( pinu) and a strong AFB Directory group of Liberal Party leaders. With this alliance, the growing process of ideologization was neutraliz and the articulation of a center-left bloc was promot, which won the elections and form a government plan with a clear unifying element: to dismantle the structure of corruption, drug trafficking, criminalization, surrender of sovereignty, electoral fraud.

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