Several main types of targeting that reflect these characteristics. When setting target advertising in stages for social demographic goals the advertiser first sets the basic parameters: gender age income level ucation level marital status etc.  the display area of ​​their ads according to their own goals. You can set this to the entire country or specify points on the map with a radius of meters or more. For example you open a flower shop in your area. In the ad account’s geography specify a point on the map and select.

Geo-targeting Advertisers adjust

The recurring option.  frequent the China B2B List store will see your ad. Time Targeting Advertisers set when their ads will appear. Some products do not require constant advertising. You can set the time period during which your ad will appear. At night when there are fewer users on the network some advertisers turn off ad display to ruce consumption of advertising budgets. You can also combine time targeting with geolocation. For example an ad for lunch delivery near an office building might run an hour or two before lunch break. Behavioral targeting This type of target advertising is bas on a user’s behavior on the web and their.

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Queries in search engines. The system uses and continuously saves the user’s search history by analyzing the pages visit by the user.  person’s AFB Directory demographic and geographic data age occupation interests. This is how user profiles are form. When setting up an ad with interest targeting you ne to consider the interests of the user and whether it will help narrow the circle of the target audience. You can serve ads to users bas on: Like music preferences; Applications; Thematic groups they belong to. In your campaign’s settings you can combine the targeting types list to more precisely target your audience. If you’re having a hard time with targets sign up for the update course: . You’ll learn how to prepare and deliver ads choose the right target audience use analytics services and more. After signing up you can watch the course for free for days.

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