Comments by this member. Or leave everything as it is This is the first time you can complain if a comment in the channel or messenger violates the rules.  personal information or distribut inappropriate content Report whether the commenter shar personal information or distribut inappropriate content Several administrators. With the help of a bot If you want to add comments to  but don’t want to manually clean them up on a channel with thousands of subscribers call a bot for help. By connecting a bot to a channel.

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You can significantly expand the functionality Portugal B2B List of the messenger and automate some admin tasks such as impose restrictions on new subscribers; set up automatic deletion of comments with links and stop words; set up automatic suppression of duplicate comments users and automatically mute posts that are too frequent; configure deletion ofcharacter limit; enable user notifications before banning or muting; enable a feature that allows participants to complain about comments in a channel. All information about bots in articles what is useful how to create and use ready-made bots and guide How to connect ready.

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Made bots to chat or channels in . Here are some AFB Directory bots that can help you fine-tune comments in your Bots. Bots for moderation and group management. You can filter text mia and even voice messages delete members who violate community rules and notify before punishment. Some cases have setup appointments for specific types of chats advertisements for sales communication between residents of the house. It helps to comment in chat friendly and securely. Organize robots. Restrict new chat participants from commenting while allowing users to Ask users questions before posting a comment in . For it to work you ne to add the bot to the admin and give permission to delete.

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