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Name and brand text are your company’s fingerprints. From using literary style devices like alliteration is for you. A great way to spice up your branding message or brand name. Especially when you can only say a sentence or two.  and fast rules on how to incorporate this into branding. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when using alliteration: Choose a unique and easy-to-pronounce brand name People who own a business are always keen to come up with unique brand names. This also makes sense since there are so many competitors that can easily copy your product. Example: When I mention the.

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Dove brand half people think of soap and the Qatar B2B List other half think of chocolate. Two similar but very different brands. When deciding on a brand name it’s important to consider your target audience and how they perceive your name.  to read or pronounce During a brainstorming session test your ideas by asking people to speak your ideas out loud. Then see if they remember the name after an hour or two. The easier the brand name is to handle focus on the important statement Bird’s Nest with the Nestlé logo underneath it. Nestlé connects the word well with its brand. Whether it’s a slogan print text or packaging it can be done by including the key messages you want to relate to your brand. Maximize the impact of your brand copywriting.

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You can then spice up these such as Nestlé’s AFB Directory or Jaguar’s. follow your brand tone Alliteration can provide a better experience for your target audience. This way the calm statement can appear less boring and evoke more emotion. But alliteration can also be tricky since not everyone wants to read it as a nursery rhyme like our earlier Heinz example. So think about your target audience especially if your brand operates in a domain where a less fun approach may pay dividends. For example Ernst & Young   uses general alliteration in the slogan Building.

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