anyone who didn’t choose them at first glance. What makes this email so impactful is how it’s personalized to the prospective customer’s journey.Once a lead turns into a customer, it’s time to show your appreciation. We’re not talking about the generic Rock Candy Media confirmation email, but something specific to each user. With email marketing automation, each should acknowledge the individuality of the customer in some way. For example, you may include a curated collection of products based on the customer’s browsing history or on-site feedback forms like a skincare quiz in a welcome series.

Welcome new customers

Brightly doesn’t just personalize their emails based on an algorithm. They go as far as asking their readers what they Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List want to see in the very first email. This information is then integrated into every email that follows to deliver highly personalized content.

Increase product adoption

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Increasing product adoption comes down to two things promoting action. Email marketing automation accomplishes both of these things by sending highly personalized content directly to the consumer.

With email marketing automation, you can curate emails to show what is most immediately valuable to each consumer. And, when consumers find value, they take action.

For example, you can send a relevant event reminder to a specific group of customers to prompt them to RSVP. Or you can highlight the value of your product by showcasing a feature some customers aren’t using.This email from a distillery AFB Directory is a great example of showcasing value and promoting action. This company started by holding an event promoting Rock Candy Media use cases of their product (i.e., happy hour). They then used automated email marketing to follow up with immediate value that’s tied to product adoption

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